Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Everything for Olivia lately has been "accidently" ... she "accidently" got sand in her brother's hair, and she "accidently" kicked her sister, and she "accidently" forgot to obey me.

So when she came in and told me that she "accidently" forgot to feed her roly bug pet and it died, I said, "Olivia, you don't have to say 'accidently' about everything ... you can just say, 'I forgot to feed my roly bug and it died.'" She looks me seriously in the eye and says, "Mom. [insert big sigh here] Everything IS an accident."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poem by Eliana Wages

bosy, cut
mean, funny, anouing
happy, mad, crasy, wird

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The 10 Best Things About My Mom by Eliana Wages

1. My mom helps me when I am sad. And she helps me clean my room.
2. My mom makes me food when I am hungry. And takes care of me.
3. My mom helps if I frgot how to spell someting. or if figot to do someting she wood tell me what I was suposd to do.
4. My mom snugls with me when I'm sad it makes me happy.
5. My mom is allways there when I need help or I am hirt like bleeding!
6. And she dosen't wake me up on the weekends sents I allways like to sleep in!
7. My mom lets me have a popsicle every day after lunch!
8. I like to be nice to my brother and sister that allways makes her happy.
9. And she tells my brother not to hit me but he never obeys!
10. And last of all shes my very very one and only mommy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

God is so NICE!

It's really funny how kids are different. Eliana is so literal, she wants to understand the how and why of everything. Olivia, on the other hand, is very relational. Everything relates to people and relationships between them. I know that both my children are wired this way, but sometimes their differences just strike my funny bone.

Olivia has an "owie" that she can't leave alone. We've been discussing why it's important NOT to pick scabs, but Olivia keeps picking this particular scab until it bleeds and then freaking out all over the place because it's bleeding AGAIN. We're on our way to pick up Eliana, and Olivia says, "Wow. God is so nice!! My body made it's own band-aid again. That's the way we're created, Mommy!" Her comment just tickled me! Juxtaposed against some of Eliana's observations about human bodies ... her diagram of Malachi in utero with the umbelical cord, discussing how antibiotics work, etc ... vs. "Wow. God is so nice!" I just had to laugh.

Monday, April 6, 2009


We were going to walk to MES and pick up Eliana today. As we were getting ready, Olivia announces she's going to ride her bike. So I get out the bike, the scooter for Eliana, buckle Corbin in the bike trailer, and off we go. FIFTEEN MINUTES and a HALF OF A BLOCK later, Olivia decides she can't ride her bike after all. At this point, we've run out of time, and have to drive. I was so angry.

BTW, my belly gets in the way of pedaling.


I scored myself a few minutes of breathing room today. I'd been trying to get Corbin to play out back all morning. I was cleaning, and he was getting into stuff. But no. He wanted to read, do puzzles, and play Hungry Hungry Hippo. After we picked up Olivia from school, I made lunch, unloaded the dishwasher, switched the laundry, yadda yadda yadda. I looked out the window and commented, "Oh look, Olivia's jumping on the trampoline." And ZOOM ... he was gone. hmmm. Shoulda figured that one out earlier.

In other breathing news, I can't. Malachi has completely maxed out the space in my enlarging abdomen and is in desperate need of some more real estate. Since I can barely fit in most of my pants as-is, and I have 7 weeks and 3 days till d-day, this worries my slightly.

Well, I'm off again. Time to pick up child number one from school. I promised we could walk/ride bikes today and spend some time playing on the playground. Should be fun!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Corbin has been feeling a little bit under the weather. Since he doesn't seem all-out sick, the end result is that he follows me around all day. Including to the bathroom. I'm constantly answering his question, "What you doing, Mommy?" After the second or third time he followed me to the bathroom and me telling him I had to pee, he says, "You already pee, Mommy." I replied, "Yes, but Malachi's pushing on my bladder, so I have to pee a lot." He thinks about this for a moment, seems satisfied, and that's the end of that. About an hour later he hollers at me from the other room, "Mommy! Mal-chi sitting on your bladder 'gain?!" I chuckled at his observation of my frequent potty trips. Awhile later he says, "Mommy, MY Mal-chi sitting on my bladder in my tummy. I have pee too!!" Apparently if he has to pee, now it's Malachi's fault, too!